The Cooke Quartet/Quintet or CQ's approach to acoustic postmodern Jazz allows for a freedom of emotional expression. With solid grooves and explosions of energy and sound, CQs music reminds one of the music being played by Ken Vandermark, and John Zorns Masada. The instrumentation is a twist on the classic jazz quintet, woodwinds, trombone, koto, cello and percussion. CQ plays in a cutting edge jazz style making use of modern forms like circle music and experiments with time and rhythm. They use various non-western scales and sounds as central points for launching into improvisations. This adventure in jazz is created by the unique sounds and ideas of the members of the group. CQ has just recorded a new CD called, an indefinite suspension of the possible. It features Jen Baker on trombone, Shoko Hikage on Koto, Alex Kelly on cello, Timothy Orr on drums and of course Michael Cooke on woodwinds. Michael's previous album, The Is by the CKW Trio is still finding it's way on to radio stations world wide.

     Statements, is a solo album in the lines of Julius Hemphill's Blue Boye, Joe McPhee's Tenor & Fallen Angels and Anthony Braxton's For Alto. Michael plays all parts and instruments, including some bassoon and percussion. He has attempted to tell stories from his life, and in the process have collected a series of his own statements. Statements, is a number limited edition enhanced CD for PC and Mac. The enhancement contains an interview, art and poetry by Michael and other artists, information on the instruments used, the stories behind the songs and more. Statements is available with three different covers and poems all by different artists. You can download them from the Black Hat Records website, under the "Free Extras" section. Just print them out on your printer to replace the cover. The latest reviews call Statements "very intriguing" and "great music." The number limitied edition enhanced version is available from Black Hat Records and Amazon.com.

     Our album, Searching, from Black Hat Records, is available at CDBaby. This eclectic album has songs influenced by Latin, Indian, Asian and Classical music. A gutsy and risk taking performance, Searching is a musical adventure for the Jazz enthusiast. Of the nine songs on the album, seven are original tunes, which are as eclectic as the band. The title song "Searching" has Latin roots with the three percussionist setting the groove. The aggressive nature of "Malcontent" is off set by the beauty of "Nikita". Drawing from the many cultures of the San Francisco Bay area, "Goddess" uses tabla and tanpura to give the song an Indian flavor and "Coalescing" has Asian and classical hints. "The Source" is a solid modern jazz tune with an interesting bass groove. The group displays their avant-garde roots on jazz standards "Footprints" and "Lonely Woman" as they perform them with high energy and emotion. While Searching is Michael's quest for his voice in Jazz, it is also a musical adventure for all that listen. Reviews of the album have been favorable with most talking about how emotional the music is. Join our mailing list.

Michael Cooke
Copyrighted by Michael Cooke, 2006.