Statement Cover Michael Cooke

1) Jagged
2) Viva Guatemala!
3) 35¢
4)) Cogitation
5) Three Steps Down
(6) Head Bobbin’
7) Malevolence
8) 三八
9) Amblin’
(10) Neptune
11) Less
12) Early Exit


Michael Cooke: flute, soprano, alto, & tenor sax, bass clarinet, bassoon, rainstick, clapping, sleigh bells, singing bowl, tambourine, Chinese healing balls, Chinese cymbals, hooves shaker, nut shell shaker, Agogo bells

Produced by Michael Cooke.
All Engineering by Michael Cooke.

24 bit digital recording, mixing, & mastering during evenings, weekends,
& sick days from May - November 2001 at Black Hat Records, San Mateo, CA.

Cooke Quintet's CD

CKW Trio's

The Is

Cooke Quartet's CD

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